Choose the Right Battery from Different Types Available in the Market

Battery is a necessity for every car to provide necessary power to start the ignition, light up the headlight, run the wiper and play music while you are driving your car. When your car runs then the battery charging is also in progress. However, every battery has life after which you need to replace.

Following are few different varieties of batteries out of which you may choose the best car batteries for your vehicle.

Lighting and ignition batteries

A majority of car batteries that are available are meant for providing power for ignition, lighting and starting and known as SLI batteries. This battery can also provide power for your music and radio and usually have shallow charge cycle and can provide power up to some limited amount of time.

Deep cycle batteries

These batteries can provide power for much longer period of time as compared to SLI type of batteries. Usually, such batteries are used for marine vehicles, golf carts or small recreational vehicles.

Valve regulated lead acid batteries

These are low maintenance batteries and do not require regular feeding of distilled water as they do not need any regular maintenance. Usually such batteries remain sealed and cannot be serviced. If its life expires, then it needs to be replaced.

Wet cell batteries

These batteries have liquid electrolyte and are much less expensive as compared to other batteries. It also needs maintenance to replace its lost electrolyte.

Lithium Ion batteries

Most of the hybrid or electric cars use this type of batteries and it can store more amount of energy as compared to any other traditional batteries. However, their life span is about 3 years regardless of its use.